Durga Durga

Once again, Felix Maria Woschek, the old master of spiritual chanting, shares his healing mantras with us and allows us to participate in his inner creativity. „Durga Durga“ is dedicated to the Sanskrit names of the divine mother in her various aspects. The meditative, calm mantras alternate with dynamic, trance-like rhythms and lead us into another dimension across new realms of sound.

Felix Maria Woschek

Where is truth to be found? In the heart, he answered.
Because in the heart truth reveals itself.
Brihadaranyaka- Upanishad

Felix Maria Woschek

„What are we searching from the universe above?
Just an open heart emerged in love!
What seems so distant and hard to find
is in our self but illusion makes us blind.“
Felix M.W.

A world musician who touches your heart …

Felix Maria Woschek is a pioneer in modern spiritual music. He was one of the first musicians who recorded Indian Mantras in his very special way and opened not only the door to many western musicians to engage in Mantra singing but also influenced musicians back in India to experiment with western elements – among others the great and late Ustad Sultan Khan. Felix had always a very broad vision of how to unify different spiritual traditions through his devotional music and has touched the hearts of many people around the globe with his outstanding recordings and concerts.

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