Felix Maria Woschek

Ajai Alai
Jaya Mata Kali
OM Namaha Shivaya
Trayambakam Magic Mix


In the style of his bestseller „Amba“ Felix creates with his deeply touching voice an atmosphere that leads you straight inside your heart. The Sanskrit mantras radiate depth, warmth and peace in a very unique way.

„I called my new album „Moksha“ (Sanskrit: मोक्ष moka, „liberation“) because my hope is that this music can help to liberate us from the illusion and suffering that we experience in this world and bring us inner peace instead.I don’’t want to say we should escape from this existence or deny the beauty of this creation. But recently I sometimes suffer from the way we humans treat each other and mother Earth. Then I concentrate on the inside and find tremendous joy and bliss by chanting this sacred mantras.“

Have a look at my video from my CD „Moksha“