Earth Songs – Native Spirit Chants 2010

Felix Maria Woschek and friends
special guest: Yell
playing time 61 min
Under my feet
Walk in beauty
Fly like an eagle
Evening RIse

Earth Songs – Native Spirit Chants

Known and unknown songs from Native North-American Indians form the basis of this CD. On his trips Woschek connects different musical impressions and lets thus worlds come together which could not be more different, as for example Reggae with Native-Indian elements from Mexico and North America.

I love the infusion of jazz with the sacred …. Evening rise is most beautiful … cannot express enough … I play it over and over (it is also sensual). Thank you for the beauty that you create for people like me – your gift from the heart to my soul Nancy – New Jersey

Peter Blue – ac-/e-/12string-/steel slide-guitar, bass, drum programming
Marco Martins – fretless-bass
Laurinda Reynolds – vocals
Elizabeth Star – Hammond B3 organ
Martin W. Teuscher – soprano-/tenor-saxophone
Elke Woschek – vocals
Felix Maria Woschek – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Yell – vocals, harp

Playing time 61 minutes.


Healing Music

Finally, on time for the festival Felix new CD „Earth Songs“ is released. And what a surprise: The choirboy reactivates his E-guitar and competes Santana! Really cool!
A great gentle-sounding rock disc. Indian Spirit songs – sometimes with Raggae Grooves – sometimes in the classical Hammond organ sound overlayed from howling guitar riffs. Superb orchestrated and chanted. Felix was assisted by Peter Blue (e-guitar), Elisabeth Star (Hammond Organ), the Raggae singer „Yell“ as well as from the Cherokee Laurinda Reynolds.
Listening Tipp: Fly like an eagle

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