New album Chanting released

I have been asked many times by lovers of my music to release an album that contains my songs just the way I sing them in my concerts. As I like to arrange my music for recordings in a musically demanding way, it took a while to agree that this material is worth being released on an album.
These songs were recorded during three different concerts I played between 2007 and 2010 at the „Rainbow Spirit Concert“ in Baden-Baden and the „Universal Peace Celebration“ at Schweibenalp. The recordings were genuine – bringing together the atmosphere of my concerts with the audience chanting along, children playing and cell-phones ringing.
I hope this album will help you to learn some of the songs. I included the guitar-chords for those who want to play the songs on their guitar and share them with their friends.
May your hearts open with the sacred chants and be filled with joy.

Shalom Salam Peace
Portugal, 13th September 2011

Felix Maria Woschek